Red Star Line Museum: Far from the War? Belgian immigrants in America during World War I.

In the early twentieth century, in the years running up to the First World War, Belgian migration to the United States peaked. When the German army occupied Belgium in 1914 all trans-Atlantic passenger traffic from Antwerp ground to a halt. Belgian Americans suddenly found themselves cut off from their motherland and in many cases from their family. How did they experience the war? How did they express their solidarity with their country of origin?

With the Detroit Gazette as their primary source, Belgians in the United States learned of how those they had left behind were faring in their home country. What role did the ships of the Red Star Line play, and were the passengers on the ships from the right camp? What was that song that Irving Berlin wrote about Belgians?

A presentation in The Shed, the museum’s multipurpose gallery, explores this theme. This is the first exhibition in a multiannual project which the Red Star Line is preparing on migration to the Americas.

Location: Red Star Line Museum, De Loods, Montevideostraat 3, 2000 Antwerp

Admission: Free

When: 26 September 2014 – 5 April 2015

Opening hours: from Tuesday until Sunday, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.